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Airline Route Performance Analysis

Apex brings together detailed data from multiple sources to deliver quick and accurate route cost analysis. Choose a route, choose an airline and aircraft – Apex delivers a full breakdown of all the operating costs from fuel to airport charges to leasing costs.

Three clicks to accurate route analysis

RDC has more than 15 years of experience in understanding detailed airline operating costs. The Apex route performance module represents the latest evolution of our state-of-the-art online analysis tools.

Our research team builds a comprehensive picture of airline costs from a wide range of data sources, including direct feeds from the aircraft manufacturers, airport charges, live fuel prices and leasing costs.

We then structure this complex raw data so that we can run a query for a wide combination of routes and aircraft. The power of the system is that it enables scenarios and comparisons to be run, comparing different routes, airlines or aircraft.

Airline Route Performance Analysis
Quickly understand potential airline route performance in just three clicks with detailed profit and loss calculations
Airline Route Performance Analysis - Monthly
Airline performance can be analysed with custom airline seasonality profiles, with calculations run monthly
  • Airports

    • Evaluate whether an airline is a credible fit for a new route

    • Assess the impact of airport discounts on overall route performance

    • Cross-check breakeven fares with real fare data in the Apex Airline Fares Analysis module

  • Airlines

    • Assess competitor cost performance on target routes

    • Compare aircraft in your fleet between routes to optimise network performance

    • Forecast the impact of changes to individual cost line elements such as fuel or airport charges